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Prochaine Collagen Beauty Blend 300g

Prochaine Collagen Beauty Blend 300g

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A synergistic, dual-action powder blend containing marine collagen peptides, vitamin C, zinc, & French melon concentrate 

PROCHAINE Collagen Beauty Blend - the next generation collagen powder that’s uniquely formulated to simultaneously support collagen production and collagen breakdown. Delicious in smoothies, hot drinks on on it's own. 30 Serves per 300g.

9500mg Marine collagen peptides

250mg Vitamin C

10mg Zinc 

20mg Dried French melon juice concentrate

Scientifically researched and sustainably sourced, our high dose fish collagen peptides have been shown to support and nourish skin elasticity and hydration. This is paired with vitamin C and zinc, essential co-factors for optimal collagen production.

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